Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 Day 36 (Week 5) - One Month on her mission and a tour of the city.

So  this is my last week in the CCM, which means that I will leave next Tuesday and you won't be getting a letter. So, don't freak out! It will be about a 3 hour drive from here to Coban. I am excited, a little nervous but not scared.
This week has been awesome. I started praying last week for more humility and to have the spirit with me more. By about the 4th day, my teacher came to me and told me that she didn't know what I was doing different, but my Spanish took a huge leap forward. I hadn't noticed, but a few other people said something too. That just goes to show how having the Lord and the Spirit in your life can bless you.
Mom! I am not getting fat, but I can feel my clothes getting tighter, it is good that we are leaving this week, because I am ready to walk some of this off.  I went to the Temple today. This might be my last time going, maybe for the rest of my mission. It was beautiful and I am going to miss it. Also, I bought a new skirt today. When I get my camera, I can send pictures.
We got new investigators this week. One of them is Laura. She is sweet and wants her family to be blessed but she has a lot of problems and we don't quite know how exactly to help her yet. Our other investigator is Ricardo. He is a really nice guy, but he is an Evangelist. We are having some trouble teaching him. President Cox said he is going to look for some scriptures to help us teach authority. this should help Ricardo understand why he needs to make changes. I love teaching and I feel like I improve every time. I am so excited to go and teach the people of Guatemala. I know the gospel can bless people and bring happiness.
I am sort of excited, but sort of dreading Monday. On Monday, we have our last day here. This means that we are stuck in classes all day. They call them workshops in hope of making them sound more fun, but it won't be. However after all our "workshops" are done that night they bring out a chocolate fountain for all the missionaries who are leaving. That night before bed all the sisters will sing God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again, and every time there are tears.
Well, I love you all and pray for you everyday.
Hermana Hansen
These are pictures from our city tour. We got to go out of the gates of the MTC and see the city. The big building with the water fountain is called the President's Palace. It is where the President used to live. These were the missionaries who went on the tour with us. The older people are Hermana Burbidge and her husband Elder Burbidge. Hermana Burbidge is the MTC nurse. This was so cool to go on the tour and see what the people in Guatemala are like. We went to a market. Everything they sell is so colorful. Also, the people are really short. But everyone is so nice and says hi to everyone. It was great!


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