Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 49 (Week 7)- Welcome to Coban!

This is her first week in Coban.  We didn't get a letter last week because she was transferring from the MTC to her first area.  On May 31st we received a call from the Coban Mission President's wife. Sister Curtiss said that Katelyn was concerned that we hadn't heard from her.  She wanted us to know that Katelyn was safe in Coban.  Sister Curtiss said that Katelyn was a sweet girl and that her companion looked like her.  Katelyn was happy and wasn't missing us too much. We were glad to hear from her.

This is her latest letter!

I am in the city of Coban.   I am doing well. My companion is Hermana Faught.  She is from Nevada. She is awesome. she reminds me a lot of Meagan.  Maybe that is the reason we get along so well.  
This week has been a good week. The first day we did our grocery shopping real fast then we went to see a lady named Dianna. She is really nice.  She is friends with all the missionaries. She is not a member and doesn't want to get baptized, but she loves to have the missionaries over. She is really sweet and a really hard worker. The next day was more normal, we got up did our exercise and studies then we went out to visit people. We walk everywhere in our area. I made the mistake of not wearing bug spray that day. We went out and saw our people we even got a baptismal date for one of our investigators. Her name is Johanna. She is a single mom. She works as a teacher. I love her and her son. That night I came home and my legs had four bug bites each. It was awful. The next day we got up and did our usual morning routine, then we went out and worked.  I wore bug spray this day. We walked all around our area. We got a new investigator and talked to a lot of people on the street. Then when I came home I checked my legs. They had at least ten bug bites each. My ankles were so swollen. I was really sore that morning from walking but it was feeling better that night. The next day was Friday. That day we decided we needed to find a new person. We would find at least one by 4. All morning long absolutely no one wanted to talk to us. One house we knocked on a lady came out and said she would take us to her neighbors house. We knocked on the door and she told us she just needed to put her broom away and then she would be back, she never came and her neighbor never answered. It was like that all day. 3:30 came and we decided to get a snack at a store. Afterwards we were walking to an appointment, We were half way there when Hermana Faught realized she left her umbrella at the store, so we headed back. We had forgotten by then our pray and goal of getting a new person to visit. As we were walking back, we met a woman and her kids. She told us that she would love if we came to visit her.  She knew some Mormon people and believed that we were some of the few people that actually practiced what we preached. We got her number. As we were talking to her, I decided to check my watch and saw that it was 4:00. It is cool to see little miracles like that everyday. 
Each night we have to have a member come with us after 5:30. One of the members we have a lot is Amanda. She is recently reactivated. She has 3 kids and is a single mother. She comes with us a lot because she doesn't have too many other friends. She works really hard. 
Everyone here is poor. We are lucky because we live in a house. A lot of people live in little shacks built between two brick buildings. Everyone washes their clothes and dishes in what is called a pela, which is like a little cement sink on the front or back patio. Not everyone here has real bathrooms and some people don't have electricity. We are really blessed, we live in a nice house. It is way different from America. Nevertheless, I love it. Everyone on the street says hi to everyone and it rains a ton. There are trees and plants everywhere. It is beautiful. 
I am lucky that I have not gotten sick. the biggest thing I have had to worry about is keeping the bugs off of me. 
I love you all and hope you are not worried about me. I am so happy.
It has been a little bit difficult with the language. When I was in the CCM I felt like my Spanish was improving so much, now I feel like I am back in square one. We are taking it little by little. mostly Hermana Faught does the talking, but I share my testimony at the end or I give the message at a members house. On Saturday, I was able to teach parts of the lessons. I am improving everyday.
Even in this short time, I have been able to see changes in people with the gospel. It is the coolest thing. The church is true and you should never forget it. 
The other night I got to give this message a couple times. we read 2Nephi 25:26 (And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins). Afterwards we talked about how our church is centered in Christ. We also reminded them that every member is a missionary too. Just because you don't wear the name tag does not mean that you shouldn't share the gospel . We are all brothers and sisters and should help each other. 
It is great and I will try to send pictures next sorry.
I love you all and am praying for you.
Hermana Hansen
She also sent a small note to her dad.  This is what it said.
I feel safe here in Coban and know the Lord is protecting me. They have a mall here where I can do grocery and any other kind of shopping. It rains a lot here so I will get my boots today I have basically everything I need.
Would you let Meagan and Justin know I love them and talk about them all the time. I hope they are making new friends and having a good time. Tell them to be safe and have fun. to work hard and save their money. 
Also, I know summer is coming so I hope you all have fun things planned. One thing I forgot to tell mom to send is more pictures. I love have pictures that I can hold in my hands, so if she wants to send some that would be great. Keep me updated with everyone and everything.
And don't worry about me. I can already tell, I will never regret the decision to come on a mission. I know this is where I am supposed to be. I don't feel homesick, because I am too busy.
I love you all.
Hermana Hansen

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