Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 6 (Week 1)- A letter from the mission.


When we got home from church we found this letter.  What a wonderful surprise.  I loved seeing a picture of her.

Does make you smile? Does this make you cry? Of course it does, go ahead admit it.

We are the Pitchers. We serve in one of the Branches in the CCM(MTC) here in Guatemala. What a wonderful blessing to be with such awesome Sisters and Elders! We love it!

We started out as Temple Missionaries which lasted for 6 months, then we were assigned to serve in the Area Office. We have been out just over 10 months.

We are from Northern Utah ( Smithfield for the benefit of the Sorensens). We call Pleasant View Utah our home.

You can be so proud of your daughters! They are working hard and making great progress with the language. They will tell you otherwise, but do not believe them.

We hope you all are seeing and feeling the blessings of having your daughters serving on missions. This is an amazing place to serve. The people are so prepared! They recognize the truth and quickly develop testimonies. This is the 2 highest baptizing Area in the world! All's that means is the missionaries have to run faster and harder than ever before. There is so much to do! So many to find and teach!

God bless you all,

Saludos ,

The Pitchers

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