Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 434 (Week 61) - Service Project

Monday was a normal P-day and then in the night time we went and did some visits. 

Tuesday we went to a part of our area that we have never visited before. It is called Santa Ana and it, as we were surprised to learn is not a little village, but a good sized town with their own justice hall and everything. SO, it looks like we have a lot of work today. 
Wednesday we had a good number of lessons. We visited some less active members and then we visited some investigators. Our favorite part of the day was in the night time when we were in Flores. We went to visit some kids that haven't been to church in a while. When we got there, there was a man there (their uncle). We invited him to listen with us. He is 25 years old and really nice. He is from Honduras, but lives here with his mom and his girlfriend and nephews. Here is the big surprise part here. He seemed really interested in our message and we were excited and asked if he had plans on getting married to his girlfriend (so that they're not living in sin anymore) and he told us that they didn't have plans. We asked him why and he responded with asking us how old we thought his girlfriend was. We had seen her when we came in and my companion quickly responded with 18. I looked him in the eyes and knew.  I told him she was going to turn 15. BINGO. I had the right answer. He looked really surprised that I guessed it right. He told us that when they met she told him that she was 17 and it was not until they had been together for 9 months before he new the truth. 
We gave him a lot of cincho. And then we put a return visit for Friday. In the night after this we visited one of our investigators who is preparing for baptism on the 4th. His name is Jefferson and he is almost 11. 

Thursday we had a District meeting. Then we left to get to work. It was a normal day. Friday we had weekly planning in the morning and then we left to work. We found a really cute old couple that gave us mangoes. I don't know if they are really interested in our message or more in being our friends, but we will know in the next visit. In the evening we left to visit with one of our members, named Martita, I am not sure if I told you about her yet, but she is really cute. Well, when we went into our visit with Edgar, the scene was priceless, Edgar liked Martita a lot and the best part is that she is his age! Martita has lots of problems in her life right now, with her boyfriend and her family and her house. Well, Martita and Edgar became insta-friends. Also, the lesson was amazing. The Spirit was there and Martita gave powerful testimony. In the end, Edgar accepted a date for baptism. he told us that he felt like what we were saying was true. 
Next day we went over to Martita´s house to help her fix up her house and yard and just do service. She was really grateful. That is where all the dirty pictures come from. we were really tired afterwards. Then after this, there was an activity at the church for Father's day which reminds me. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!!!!!!!! I helped serve food and in general the activity was really fun. They had like a talent show and funny presentations for the dads.
The next day when we got to the church building, Edgar and his 2 nephews were waiting for us. We were so excited that he came. Also, an investigator named Brenda came with her daughter. 
In the afternoon we showed Edgar where Martita lives, because he is a carpenter and is going to help her fix her house. When we got there, Martita invited us in and we all started talking with Edgar and it turned into a lesson. Basically he told us that he wants a change in his life and that he wants to get baptized. That he was really lost and confused with his life and then we showed up and we are showing him where he needs to go. He said he is going to talk to his girlfriend.
That night we had a visit already set up with Edgar and when we got to his house, his girlfriend wanted to listen too. We talked about the restoration of the gospel. It was good lesson. We learned during the lesson that Edgar had told his girlfriend that he wanted to get baptized. At the end of the visit, we invited the girlfriend to listen in the next visit and she said she probably wouldn't be here, that she would be in the Capital visiting her grandpa. We think he had already talked to her that day and that he is taking the steps to change his life, but we will know for sure on Wednesday.


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