Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 1 - Heading to Guatemala

Today is the first day of Katelyn's mission to Guatemala.  With this Blog I will share her letters and pictures. 

Here we are at the airport getting Katelyn off.  She was nervous and a little sad to be leaving family (She even said that she was feeling a little nausea).  We all put on a brave face as she walked through security, but as soon as she was gone, the waterworks began.  I cried realizing that it would be until October 2015 that I would see this beautiful girl.  Justin cried too.  He will certainly miss his sister.

Katelyn was lucky because her Grandpa and Grandma Denslow were able to go with her to Salt Lake City Airport.  So I got a few extra pictures from Grandma.  First thing she did was sit down and begin writing in her journal.

On her way to Salt Lake City.  Her grandparents stayed with her there until she got on the plane to head to LAX airport.  It was such a tender mercy that they were able to be there with her.

Off she heads to LAX.  She would get into LA around 5:30pm and would leave for Guatemala's airport 12:01am.  It certainly made for a long day.  Good luck Katelyn and know that so many people are proud of you and happy for the decision you have made.  WE LOVE YOU

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  1. I have tears just reading of your goodbyes...get ready for blessings galore they will pour out in heaps! Go Katelyn..the Lord will be with you and His angels round about to bear you up!
    Can't wait to hear all the wonderful ways you will bless others and the Lord will bless YOU!!